There is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. - John F. Kennedy

The American Transparency Project is a citizen-led investigation into the possible causes of the grave challenges being faced by the ordinary American citizen.

Facets of the project include:

  • the documentation of changes to traditional American civic and societal norms
  • the documentation of troubling patterns of behavior on the part officials or multi-national business entities
  • the reporting of troubling trends and patterns that could reasonably lead to citizens' demands for explanations
  • the reporting of attempts at the manipulation of Americans or their government and elected officials
  • the suggestion of avenues for additional citizen-led investigations
  • the identification and reporting of trends and behaviors that cause direct damage to citizens' health or fortunes
  • the hailing of American whistleblowers who, on moral grounds, have exposed corruption of our institutions or officials
  • the recording, archiving and distribution of contemporaneous news and opinion of this era for historical and contextual research and education

ATP's investigative efforts do not recognize presumed, unspoken citizen-government boundaries in matters of domestic concern. In the spirit of civic duty and in full exercise of the First Amendment, The American Transparency Project will gather and critically consider any legally obtainable information regardless of it's source. It will do so without regard to its controversial nature and with the intent of aiding ordinary Americans in their quest to evaluate official and business behaviors.

ATP is politically non-partisan. Its only political philosophy - on any issue - is to ask the question "how does this help or hurt the ordinary American?" ATP recognizes that there are good, bad and incompetent actors in both political parties and that there are good, bad and incompetent people holding office in our national government.

ATP understands that publicly-held corporate enties have no obligation to the American public nor are they obligated to any standards other than those that guide them to profitability. ATP undestands that every government's first priority is to remain in control and never cede power.

ATP holds that the American nation is the homeland of 350 million people and that the citizens of this country are vested stakeholders in this legacy.

ATP actively investigates trends and behaviors that have diminished the ordinary Americans influence and power over it's national government.

ATP holds that the definition of what it is “American” is determined solely by the ordinary American people. It is not defined by our current elected leaders, government institutions, or others who may presume to be the standard-bearers of our culture.

If it is within our ability, The American Transparency Project and its associated sites will remain online and be updated at least monthly through the year 2023.